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    Rules/Guidelines Empty Rules/Guidelines

    Post by Fallenstar on Wed Mar 12, 2014 9:27 am

    OK... These here are the RULES of this site. They are pretty self-explanatory, and if you use COMMON SENSE, you shouldn't even have to read this. Still, here they are so you know what is right and what is wrong. Thank you.

    1. We run a literate site here. If a mod/admin tells you to fix grammar/spelling in your post, do it. We won't nag you for every little thing, but if it becomes a habit, we will start telling you about it.

    2. Again, we run a literate site. Please have 100 words or more in your post. This is not as important as correct grammar (Rapidstar is a grammar Nazi, sorry), but if at all possible we would like 100 words so that there is not a bunch of two-line posts that are filled with meaningless nothings.

    3. Absolutely, under NO circumstances, may you POWERPLAY/GODMOD. Powerplaying means you control other members' characters. This is a NO-NO! You can only control YOUR character(s). Godmodding is acting as if your character has no weaknesses/invulnerabilities.

    4. Respect everyone at all times! If your character is a jerk, we get it. That's your character. But don't play a jerk character just to be a jerk, m'kay? And OOC, being a jerk is NOT acceptable. If someone asks you to stop, stop!

    5. We are an English-speaking forum, so please make sure your posts are in English and can be read with relative ease.

    6. We are kid-friendly here. Please keep your posts appropriate and not mature. If you have to question it, don't put it in. That said -these cats ARE wild cats and there WILL be battles. Therefore, there will be violence and may be gore *Fallenstar happens to like gore* so be appropriate and mature when it comes to the fights and injuries, ok? Describe them for the Medicine cats to heal, but don't just post to be gross. Thank you!

    7. Have your username be appropriate. All Names must match the warrior cat format unless OK'ed by an Admin. (Object/thing + ending) Ex. Fallenleaves is OK. Blaze is not. Springfall is ok, Sapphire is not. Sapphirefur sounds weird, but it is also acceptable. If you can't think of one, a Leader/Deputy can give you a name.
    *If you have read this far, the secret password for the bios is: "Blazey's a meany-head."*

    8. Your character must be a CAT, and must be house-cat sized. Your character must be part of the Clans. Only Admins may introduce loners/rogues/dogs to the RP to move the plot line along.

    9. You can have multiple characters, but you can only have up to three characters. Otherwise it gets confusing. Remember to put what character you are playing and their signature at the top of the post, as well.

    10. Have FUN!!!!

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