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    Stargem RULES


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    Stargem RULES Empty Stargem RULES

    Post by Fallenstar on Thu Apr 10, 2014 1:06 pm

    Now, as some of you may know, I wasn't originally going to have currency on this site, as the cats of the Warriors Series don't have currency or really anything to spend moneys on. BUT after some consideration, I decided that you all should have the chance to buy things like unusual status (albinism), disabilities (blindnes), and other things. So I made... STARGEMS -those cool stones sent from StarClan themselves! XD

    Onto the Rules!

    1. Respect the Admin/Mod decision. If they decide your purchase wouldn't be good for the site plot at the moment, listen to them. Don't worry, we won't take your Stargems if we don't allow the purchase!
    2. If you buy a permanent disability it is THAT -PERMANENT! You can't buy it and then decide "oh I don't want my character's disability anymore." Same with death -dead is dead is dead.
    3. You can't shorten pregnancy multiple times in a row on one cat. I would hope that would be obvious but you never know. X_X
    4. For Cross-Clan relationships/kittens, both participating cats MUST pay the cost, not just one. The members playing the kittens don't have to pay, though.

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