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    Stargem Shoppe


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    Stargem Shoppe Empty Stargem Shoppe

    Post by Fallenstar on Thu Apr 10, 2014 1:19 pm

    Stargem Shoppe

    Stargem Shoppe Index.3

    Welcome to the Stargem Shoppe! Here you can buy everything you need for your cat!!!

    Forbidden Relationship* ~ 300 Sg

    Cross-Clan Kittens* ~ 300 Sg

    Cross-Clan Cat* ~ 300 Sg (new character)

    Speed Up Pregnancy ~ 300 Sg (from 9-10 wks to 3 wks)

    4th Character ~ 150 Sg

    5th Character & each successive ~ 250 Sg

    Male Tortoishell ~ 100 Sg (new character)

    Albinism ~ 150 Sg (new character)

    Blindness ~ 200 Sg

    Deafness ~ 200 Sg

    Permanent Injury ~ 300 Sg (broken spine, twisted leg, missing limb *including tail*)

    Death ~ 100 Sg (Cat moves to StarClan)

    Unusual Eye Color ~ 100 Sg (excluding red -purchase albinism)

    Unusual Dominant Pelt Color ~ 200 Sg (must put explanation/reason in biography)

    Necklace ~ 50 Sg (may not be a colar; bone and claw and pretty stones are acceptable)

    Ankle Bracelet ~ 20 Sg (must buy each individually; may be a tracker)

    *Subject to Admin Approval, even if you have enough Stargems!

    If you can think of anything else to put here, Admins & Mods, let me know.

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