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    Amberheart's biography

    Medicine Cat

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    Amberheart's biography  Empty Amberheart's biography

    Post by Amberheart on Thu Mar 13, 2014 5:31 pm

    Name: Amberheart

    Species: Smokey coon

    Rank: Medicine cat of Thunderclan

    Age: 3 years old

    Appearance: Amberheart has very long fur. Her pelt is a light amber color, hence her name. Her fur becomes darker as it goes down her body, and leads out to her tail, which is lighter, and very poofy. Though she has long fur, which makes her look larger, she still has a very graceful lady cat appearance, and some envy her amber coat. Her eyes are a deep amber color, and are very warm and inviting. She believes that the eyes are the windows to ones soul...
    Her look suits her as a medicine cat because of her gentle eyes, warm smile, and kind demeanor. She is as sweet as she is fluffy Smile
    Amberheart's biography  Feel_lucky_black_cat_poker_chip_set-r42c72397c54e4ed7ba3b59b210636b12_i3zyw_8byvr_512

    This is exactly what she looks like:
    Amberheart's biography  ChaparralKittenTetsu5

    Personality: Amberheart is probably the sweetest cat you will even know. She is always kind, unless you are a trespasser on the Thunderclan territory of course. Her kind ways earned her the name of Amberheart, for she has a warm heart. She became a medicine cat because of her kindness, and her drive always to help others. Even if provoked or bullied she always keeps her cool, she never wants to start a fight, unless it is to protect her home and family. She is gentle, and forgiving, she is the epititmy of caring. She honestly does not like fighting, and though she wishes to protect her home, she feels the resentment between the clans is petty, and unwise. Though she would never tell another soul this. Amberheart is very good at judgement of anothers character. She believes the eyes are a window to one soul, though others think her belief is odd. She can tell if a cat is lying, or is up to no good....
    Though she does not believe in fighting, she does believe in justice. She may not like fighting because she sees the results of it in her patients...
    Amberheart is also very curious, and gullible to love, and could be easily swayed into it. That is the one rule she hates about being a medicine cat -no mates. For she is a lonely soul, and wishes for company a lot, even if one just drops by to say hello, it would brighten her day.
    Amberheart, being a medicine cat, has a very strong connection to star clan, and she will occationally recieve dreams from them as a form of communtication. She takes starclan very seriously, and respects every cat in it. She will tell the leader, if she gets any communtication from starclan, and will try to interpret it as well as she can. She is some times disturbed after getting a message from starclan, as it does not always bring good news. She worries about the prophacies they will send her through her dreams, and she hopes they only bring good luck for her clan.

    History: Amberheart was born and raised in the Thunderclan, like most others. Her fathers name was Flintclaw, and her mother was silvertail, they were both warriors. She led a normal kit hood, accept that her 3 siblings darkstripe, windswift, and Briarfoot, had grown up to be warriors, and not nearly as gentle as her. She was always on her own growing up, often wanting to just enjoy the forest or bask in the warm sun instead of train for fighting. She later discovered her great desire to help others, and trained to be a medicine cat. She has a great understanding of herbs, and when she is not in the den tending to others, she is out looking for the many herbs around, which could lead her to meeting a rogue, but she doesnt think about that...
    As of now all of her siblings have died in battles or from greencough, and her parents died of natural causes. And so she is alone, with no family left. But she stays strong, though she is very lonely, and can sometimes seem depressed.
    She had a hard time during the sickness, as she was extremely busy. Seeing all the cats dying, she couldn't do anything, for it was too strong an illness... it changed her, and she can seem more closed off ever since then.
     Today she is the medicine cat of thunderclan, and can be seen looking for herbs or training her apprentice. She strives only to help others and show compassion to all cats.

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    Secret password:~Admin Edit~ ^_^ I still laugh at that.

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