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    Ravenflight's Biography


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    Ravenflight's Biography Empty Ravenflight's Biography

    Post by Ravenflight on Thu Mar 13, 2014 6:56 pm

    Name: Ravenflight

    Gender: Male

    Age: 26 moons (About 2 years)

    Species: Bombay Cat

    Rank: Deputy of Shadowclan

    Appearance: Ravenflight is a black-colored and sleek cat. His eyes are brilliant emerald green. His black pelt helps him blend in the dark shadows, but his white paws stand out in the darkness. He is slightly shorter than an average cat, and that makes him swift and silent killer. He is well-muscled, that makes him surprisingly strong because of his small build. Ravenflight has a white-tipped tail, and has a "V" nicked right ear due to a rouge conflict.

    Personality: Ravenflight is clever, and cunning. He can get out of bad situations very easily, and handles problems like an expert. He is a mysterious, and quiet cat. No one knows why he is always silent, only himself knows why. He doesn't like to speak, but only does if it is required him to do so. Ravenflight is very suspicious at first glance, but can be kind to cats who are nice to him. This very controlling cat, can snap at his other Clanmates if they did even one tiny mistake. Ravenflight is very firm, and can challenge cats who do not agree with him.

    History: Ravenflight was born in Shadowclan. He had a sister named Spottedkit, but Spottedkit soon died after the birth of Ravenflight. The whole Clan entire grieved Spottedkit's death. Ravenflight was a bouncy, happy kit. He was very curious and excited for his apprentice ceremony. His mother Speckledpelt always shouted at him because he always bragged to other younger kits that he was going to the strongest warrior StarClan had ever seen. Of course, that didn't come true. He admired Nightstar, and tried to be like him since he was the leader of ShadowClan. He always wanted to be the leader of ShadowClan as a kit. When he was about six moons old, he was extremely excited. His mentor's name was somehow forgotten, but only Ravenflight knows who he is. As an apprentice, his mentor had always scolded him of being too slow, or being too weak. During practice training, he would sometimes unleash his claws and fight with the other apprentices. (Think of Tigerpaw and Thristleclaw or Ravenpaw and Tigerclaw) He witnessed his mentor fighting rouges for no reason, and trying to kill kittypets just because they were near the border. Ravenflight always thought about leaving the Clan to become a kittypet, but he also thought of the consequences of even attempting to escape the Clan. He thought of the world to be cruel, and heartless.  The stressful training had made him have discipline, to be braver, and to be…mysterious. Ravenflight was glad to be a warrior, and also sort of glad to have his mentor to be kicked out of the Clan because of his ruthless training. After that, Darkstar was the next leader, with Fallenstripe being the deputy. The illness had eradicated every single life he had, and left Fallenstripe to be Fallenstar. Ravenflight was next to become the deputy of ShadowClan. He was shocked that he was chosen to be the deputy, even though as a kit he wanted to be one.

    Mother: Speckledpelt (deceased)
    Littermate: Spottedkit (deceased)
    Mentor: Unknown (will not be mentioned for now)
    Apprentice: Blazepaw

    Secret password found in Rules of RP: ~Edited by Admin~ And I STILL get a kick outta that! ^-^
    Notes: I wanted Jaystar's and Fallenstripe's past to somehow connect. :3

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