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    [ Jaystar ] "Watching the stars shows me my destiny."


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    [ Jaystar ] "Watching the stars shows me my destiny." Empty [ Jaystar ] "Watching the stars shows me my destiny."

    Post by Jaystar on Fri Mar 14, 2014 9:11 pm

    [ Jaystar ]
    [ThunderClan Leader ]
    [ If I can prove you wrong, I will take the chance. ]

    -- On File --

    ROLEPLAYER:: Airiana
    CHARACTER:: Jaystar
    NICKNAMES::  Jay, 
    AGE:: 4
    GENDER:: Female
    RANK:: Kit>Kittypet>Apprentice>Medicine Cat>Deputy>Leader
    SPECIES:: Mixed Breed

    -- At A Glance --

    HEIGHT:: 13 inches
    WEIGHT::   12 lbs.

    EYE COLORATION:: This cat's eyes are striking ice blue coloring that seems cold, but really she isn't.

    -- Base Coat: White
    -- Paws: Black
    -- Ears: Black

    Currently, she has none.

    -- Inner Workings --

    Jaystar has many traits that contradict the meaning of a leader, but when looked as a whole, it proves the qualities that she may contain:

    -- PRIDE:: This cat is known for having self-pride when she paws her way around the scene. She would take any chance to feel pride in herself. This can be a good thing, or a bad thing. Too much pride conflicts her with the other leaders of clans.
    -- UNEMOTIONAL:: This cat is known for not showing any emotions around any other cat. She will tend to hide her feelings away, or even hide in her den crying releasing the weekly stress.
    -- ADVENTUROUS:: This cat is known for being adventurous and curious of this world. Her major adventure used to be involved with the twolegs and their tinkers.
    -- LOYALTY:: This cat is known for being loyal to her clan. Receiving loyalty as her first life, it was the most important one she received. Without her loyalty, there would be no clan.
    -- DEFENSIVE:: This cat is know for being very defensive for others and for herself. If she feels even the most slightly offended, she will take that seriously. But, she will also be defensive for others if she felt what they did or say was unnecessary.
    -- OBJECTIVE:: This cat is known for being truthful and unbiased in her decisions. She is known to present facts, and only but the truth. Sometimes, feelings can be a determining factor. But, she strays away from it as much as possible.

    -- Fighting
    -- Explaining things
    -- Thinking things out
    -- Healing
    -- Smelling
    -- Climbing
    -- Fishing

    -- Showing emotion
    -- Speaking her heart
    -- Teaching
    -- Catching large prey

    -- Sleeping in trees
    -- Shuffling her paws
    -- Flattening her ears when speaking
    -- Chewing on flowers
    -- Playing with prey before eating it

    -- Failing her clan
    -- Falling in love and being a mother
    -- Meeting with Star Clan

    PREFERRED PREY::   Rabbits, Fish
    PREFERRED TERRAIN:: Forests, Marshlands, Trees

    -- Personal Affairs --

    -- Silverstream

    CRUSH:: Never will she love.
    MATE:: Not until she loves one.
    DESCENDANTS:: She does not and may not have kits.

    MOTHER:: Leafstorm
    FATHER:: Nightstar
    SIBLINGS:: Skyheart, Mistpaw(Deceased), Arrowpaw(Deceased), Shadowpaw(Missing)

    -- Background Check

    The life of Jaystar was one of many elders continue to speak today. This story is told from lands not far from where Moon Lake resides. Alas, Jaystar did not grow up as a clan cat, but as a typical kittypet.

    The kits spoke, "Aww... but Graystorm... We want to hear the whole story!"

    Graystorm shifted his paws ready to explain the story. "Alright. I will tell you. It started on a rainy evening in ShadowClan..."

    The clans, ShadowClan and Thunderclan, were heavy in battle. The leader of ShadowClan was accused of murdering a kit of ThunderClan. The leader was known as Nightstar, Jaystar's father. But, that kit wasn't killed, but kidnapped by twolegs. The fight continued on at the borders over the missing kit, Yellowkit.

    Back in camp, Leafstorm, Jaystar's mother, was kitting her first litter of four. Each one was a bright, healthy kitten. "My, Leafstorm. You are giving birth to a fine group of young warriors. Do you think one will be a medicine cat, like me?" Ravenclaw smiled to the mother while glancing over each little kit. The medicine cat felt proud for these new warriors of ShadowClan. "Aww Ravenclaw. You know that one of them may become an apprentice of yours. But, I wonder which one?" The mother was glancing over the young kittens. Each one had a destiny. She was noticing one of the kits that resembled her mate. She was a small kitten with little black paws like her father. "I bet that one will become a great leader. I shall call you... Jaykit. "

    [First Days to 5 Months]
    As the ThunderClan-Shadowclan feud remained, the young Jaykit grew up quickly with each day passing by. She was exploring the world more and more. This had led her to more trouble than she bargained more. She saw a few twolegs, which she didn't know that, playing near the nursery. The curious kitten left the den to investigate the scene. But, the twolegs picked her up and took her home.

    [5 Months to 1 Year]
    The young kitten grew up in the home of twolegs. They treated her well for the first few weeks, until they began throwing her outside most days. She was learning the ways of the stray with each passing day. Though, the one thing she kept was her collar. It was an important part of her, even if she was an outside cat. But, she came back one day from a stroll around town when she saw her home on fire. Homeless, Jay made her way through the thick forest that may have been more familiar than she thought.

    [1 year to 3 Years]
    The young cat strayed into new lands. They were not as friendly as she previously thought. But, one cat had approached her with extreme caution. 
    "Who might you be?" hissed the male.
    "My name.... is Jay..." She lowered her ears, replying.
    "I have seen you practicing your moves out here. You seem like a clan-born cat. Come with me." The male meowed softly. [ Jaystar ] "Watching the stars shows me my destiny." Feel_lucky_black_cat_poker_chip_set-r42c72397c54e4ed7ba3b59b210636b12_i3zyw_8byvr_512

    The bold cat was experiencing a familiar, yet new world from the clan-life to pet-life, then back to clan-life. She was introduced to their leader, Talonstar. He was the one who brought her here, but he was covered in mud before to remove his identity. Within the first week, she was named apprentice... Jaypaw. Her training was consisting of fighting and climbing trees to catch birds. Her training eventually paid off in ThunderClan...

    The day came to claim her warrior name... But, she had a special request for talonstar.
    "I-i don't want to become a warrior... I want to become... A medicine cat... Sunstorm has been tutoring me in secret... I felt ashamed being a warrior when I was a.... kittypet." Jaypaw lowered her head.

    "Very well. Sunstorm and Bluesky, do you both agree that Jaypaw has completed her training as both a warrior and medicine cat?" Talonstar glanced over at the nodding cats.

    "Jaypaw, do you promise to protect the clan with your life, and to heal with your heart for the sake of StarClan?"

    Those were the words of Jaystream moving up in ranks. Her start was of a medicine cat. But, there was some events that led her to choosing a different path. The death of a leader, and the choosing of a new deputy.

    They found Talonstar, dead on ShadowClan territory. They believed that the leader, Nightstar killed him. Jaystream was not pleased. As medicine cat rules permit, she walked into ShadowClan with intentions. She found out the truth of her past and what exactly happened. Nightstar had saught revenge on ThunderClan because he believed they kidnapped Jaykit. But, her father wasn't there to see she wasn't kidnapped, but indeed alive. He too was killed by a ThunderClan deputy. This led to a temporary peace between the clans.

    Upon returning, Jaystream realized her truth. Sleeping that night, she was visited by StarClan. The dream was not a dream. But, a complete distraught event. Two cats approached her.

    "Silverpelt, you must listen. My daughter is dead! Even if she was alive, she was pathetic in her words anyways. She had no hope in this world. Leafstorm only cared for her because she was our kit. I saw weakness in both of them. My clan needs strength! We are ShadowClan after all." The tom growled at the main she-cat of StarClan.

    "Take a look for yourself. Here she is... Hi there, Jaystream" Silverpelt smiled while twitching her tail.

    "You! Why did you kill Talonstar? He was true to the heart and actually took me in after my home got destroyed by fire. Now, I can see you had no heart as a leader. I assume you think I failed you. But, I won't." Jaystream growled backing away with sorrow.

    "You were worthless... You never listened, and you never had any strength. All you did was eat on plants and mess with berries. You showed no talent for my clan." Nightstar glared at his daughter, angered.

    "She was priceless.... She listened well to my commands. The best warrior, or Medicine cat... I have ever seen." Talonstar showed up.

    "You will pay for turning my daughter into more of a worthless piece of trash. She was nothing more than scat. You will both pay..." Nightstar lunged at Talonstar.

    "Why did you bring me here!" Jaystream cried and shook off the dream before Silverpelt could reach her. The nightmare was upsetting for Jaystream... But, she knew that her job was to be a deputy... then a leader.

    Rainwhisker appointed Jaystream as deputy of ThunderClan, because Rainwhisker was shared of a dream from Silverpelt. It was Jaystream who needed to be chosen.

    The moons grew by as she growed in maturity. But, another pitfall arosed with ShadowClan attempting, and succeeding in killing the leader of Thunderclan. Reasons? They all wanted revenged for the death of Nightstar. Jaystream sat in vigil over the body and proclaimed that one day... She will arise as a great leader and prove to ShadowClan... and to her father... that she is grand in her destiny...

    [ The Nine Lives ]
    The female lapped up from the water. It froze her tongue, as it was dead winter. Her medicine cat, Amberheart watched the new leader become a legend.

    Her first life was someone of great honors. Talonstar licked her nose. I give you loyalty. It will be the strongest you have, and it will help you know where you heart belongs.

    Her second was from her mother, Leafstorm. I give you love. Love those even if others may think they are not worth it. It will get those farther up than anyone expected.

    Her third life was from Silverpelt, a StarClan council member. I give you truth. It will guide you to making the right decisions and to speak your words fair.

    Her fourth life came from Rainstar. I give you strength. This will both be mental and physical. It will be your power from within. Without it, you will break down from stress.

    Her fifth life came from Ravenclaw. I give you health. It will keep your mental and physical state sharp when leading this clan.

    Her sixth life came from Arrowpaw, her sibling. Sister, I give you hope. The thing I didn't have, but I do now. Use this to survive day to day knowing there will be chances.

    Her seventh came from SilentClaw, a StarClan warrior. I give you character. This will be an aid when speaking at Gatherings. Without it, you won't be able show ShadowClan how true ThunderClan is.

    Her eighth came from an old apprentice, Silverstream. I give you respect. I gave you respect as a mentor, like you gave me respect. Use it to respect the elders and your clan alike.

    Her ninth life came from her father. I give you chance. Give others a chance how I didn't. I still don't believe or see you as my daughter, only as a leader.

    "You are now, Jaystar." Starclan murmurs the name, Jaystar, a few times.

    -- Extras --

    The black-pawed animal arose from her confined den. The gentle meows of sunhigh, where the clan comes around and shares stories and tongues. They must reform the bonds that they have. She padded her way down the rocks to a group of cats sharing a story. "What is the elder talking about today, kits? Jaystar meowed softly. "They are telling the story about you, Jaystar!" The kittens cheered with delight from their maws. The clan leader blinked a few times, then smiled. Ah, I can hear that story over and over again.
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