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    Poppystripe: Gentle within the midst of cruelties


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    Poppystripe: Gentle within the midst of cruelties Empty Poppystripe: Gentle within the midst of cruelties

    Post by Fallenstar on Sun Mar 16, 2014 3:25 pm

    ~Format is Jaystar's~

    [ Poppystripe ]

    [ ShadowClan Queen ]

    [ "When I fell, you were there. Now you are gone and... I don't know how to go on."

    Poppystripe: Gentle within the midst of cruelties Poppystripe_zps9f6cb119

    Human behind the cat: Haley
    Character: Poppystripe
    Nickname: Poppy
    Age: 3 years old; twelve seasons
    Gender: Female
    Rank: Kit>Apprentice>Warrior>Queen
    Species: American Medium-hair

    Height: 11 inches tall
    Weight: 10 pounds
    Length: 10 inches long

    Appearance: Poppystripe is a small cat, even when she was pregnant with her kits. Poppystripe's main pelt color is a light brown, and she has white fur on her underbelly, paws, chest, and around her mouth and nose. She has a white sock marking on her right front leg. She also has black stripes all over her body. She is not currently wounded physically.


    Poppystripe is a calm cat. She is not ruffled easily, and it takes a lot to get any sort of reaction out of her. She has patience and is a good mentor. She is kind and compassionate, even to other Clans. Despite her Clan-mates' dislike and disdain for the other Clans, Poppystripe does not share this opinion. She is of the belief that all of the Clans are the same at the core, even if they seem different on the outside.

    ~Social Affairs~

    Apprentices: none currently
    Past: Pinefur, Violetpaw (deceased)

    Mate: Rainclaw (Deceased)
    Kits: Dawnkit, Violetkit, Wrenkit (deceased), Dapplekit (deceased)

    Mother: Robinwing
    Father: Maplefur
    Siblings: Dawnpaw (deceased), Flamefur (deceased), Fallenstar (leader of ShadowClan)


    Poppystripe was born with three other kits, Dawnkit, Flamekit, and Stripekit. Two moons after they were born, Stripekit was renamed Fallenkit because she fell on Robinwing's head. Poppystripe, then Poppykit, was the gentlest of the four kits. She trailed after the others and never ran anywhere, even when she was excited. She was content to be out of the spotlight and preferred to hunt than fight. Ashbloom, a female warrior with a coat of dark grey with streaks of brown, became her mentor when she was six moons old. Ashbloom strove to teach Poppystripe to be fierce, cunning, and to hate the other Clans, just like the rest of her clan-mates. This only taught Poppystripe to hide what she really felt from everyone, and she became more reserved and quiet. One day near the end of her apprenticeship, ThunderClan and ShadowClan had yet another battle, in which one of her siblings, Dawnpaw, died, struck down by a ThunderClan warrior twice her size. Poppystripe hadn't seen the warrior, but she had memorized the scent of the cat. If she ever met the warrior, she swore to herself, she'd claw him and leave a mark to remember her and her sister by. That same battle earned her other two siblings, Flamepaw and Fallenpaw, their warrior names; Flamefur and Fallenstripe. Since Poppystripe had not taken part in the battle, she had not been given her warrior name and had to watch her siblings become warriors before her. Then, several moons later, she chased a very large fox from the nursery and was finally given her warrior name of Poppystripe. The death of Dawnpaw had broken much of Poppystripe's spirit, and when Flamefur followed Dawnpaw into StarClan in yet another battle against ThunderClan, Poppystripe almost gave up on life altogether. Then along came Rainfur. Rainfur was a new warrior when Flamefur died. He was a blue-grey cat with pale green eyes, and when he saw Poppystripe, he fell in love with her. When Flamefur died, he became Poppystripe's friend, and helped her move on. Whereas Fallenstripe became colder and more distant, Poppystripe became more open. Soon she was pregnant with Rainfur's kits. Then Fallenstripe became deputy, and Darkstar became Leader, and the sickness struck. Poppystripe had her kits amidst the wailing of sorrow in ShadowClan, as cats dropped like flies. She herself was struck by the sickness. Rainfur was struck down by the sickness, and two of her kits also died. She is barely keeping herself alive for her remaining kits, knowing that they need her.


    Theme Song: My Heart Will Go On By Celine Dion

    Poppystripe: Gentle within the midst of cruelties Fallenstar_zps9e15b21f
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