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    Willowleaf's bio

    Medicine Cat

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    Willowleaf's bio Empty Willowleaf's bio

    Post by Willowleaf on Sun Mar 16, 2014 5:36 pm

    Name: Willowleaf

    Species: Long-hair cat

    Rank: Medicine Cat

    Appearance: Willowleaf is a small cat with white and black fur. Her fur is really soft and thick, it may not blend into the snow but it sure keeps her warm. She also has really light blue eyes that stick out when people first look at her. She has a small pink nose and long white whiskers on her face. She has two black ears that stick up. She has a white underbelly and black paws. She also has a black and white tail. The one thing that is off about her is her extremely small paws, they may look small and frail, but they can slice.

    Personality: ...  Willowleaf has a nice personality. She loves to heal people, especially kits. She also loves to talk with the queens, not so much toms though. She always get nervous around male cats. The one thing that makes her sad is the fact she will never get to have kits, she would always obey the warrior code and could never even think of disobeying it. She has a strong connection with Starclan and loves when she is able to go to the moonpool. Willowleaf is not a very social person though. She will talk to people like I said but she does prefer being alone. Willowleaf does have one secret though...

    History: Willowleaf has a short history, but it is a sad one. The day when Willowleaf was born Starclan cried, they cried of happiness, but also of despair. Her parents were of two different clans, Firewing of Windclan, her father, and Sunleaf of Thunderclan, her mother. They had five kits together, but only one survived, Willowleaf. Usually Willowleaf would have gone to her Mother's clan, Thunderclan. Due to fate though her mother died and she was left to her father. Her Father never did tell her who her mother was, she would in fact never find out who it was, her father passed away when she was four moons. Willowleaf then decided she would become a Medicine Cat to make sure no one died in her paws again. The day before she would become an apprentice she went to the leader to request becoming a Medicine Cat Apprentice. She said yes and the next day Willowkit was made into Willowpaw. It was an exciting day for Willowleaf, one she would never forget.

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    Post by Fallenstar on Sun Mar 16, 2014 5:43 pm


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