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    Rapidstar's Biography (example Bio)


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    Rapidstar's Biography (example Bio) Empty Rapidstar's Biography (example Bio)

    Post by Rapidstar on Wed Mar 12, 2014 1:40 pm

    Name: Rapidstar

    Rapidstar's Biography (example Bio) Rapidstar_zps76d68d90

    Species: American Shorthair

    Rank: Leader

    Clan: RiverClan

    Appearance: Rapidstar is an American Shorthair cat who is a brown and black tabby tom with whitish-grey chest and paws. His eyes are sky-blue, and on his right front paw he has a splash of lighter brown fur. His claws are longer than the normal cat, and his ears flop backwards sometimes with no warning. His tail is shorter than most, stubby from where a dog bit a part of it off when he was an apprentice. His fur is almost constantly dripping with water, as he often hunts, and when he hunts, he swims through the water instead of sitting on the riverbank. His fur also collects moisture in the air for some reason, and thus he always has dewdrops on the ends of his whiskers.

    Personality: Rapidstar is a gruff sort of cat, with a low, gravelly voice that sounds like he is chewing rocks. Despite his gruffness, Rapidstar is a softy inside, especially when it comes to his mate and deputy, Ripplesong. He is kind, but when his family or Clan is threatened, he can become nasty in a heartbeat. He is nervous to become a leader so young, but he will do what he thinks is best for the Clan no matter what. He desperately wants to prove to the rest of the Clans that RiverClan is strong, even having lost their Leader, Deputy, and medicine cat within a few days.

    History: Rapidstar is a very new Leader, having only just gotten his nine lives from StarClan. His warrior name was Rapidfoot, named thus because he was able to outrun a dog -despite losing half of his tail. He wasn't actually supposed to be the next leader of RiverClan, but when both Streamstar and Stoneclaw died, StarClan sent a dream to Birchshine, RiverClan's medicine cat a few days before Birchshine herself died, leaving Silverstone, her apprentice, as medicine cat. He was frightened that StarClan would find him inadequate despite the sign they had sent to Birchshine. But upon reaching the Moonpool and dreaming of StarClan, receiving his nine lives,  he was assured that he was important.

    1. Loyalty = His mother, Willowdawn
    2. Love = His father, Greyfur
    3. Mentoring = Birchshine
    4. Patience = Streamstar
    5. Strength = Stoneclaw
    6. Speed = Mistystar, a previous Leader from generations ago
    7. Endurance = Stormclaw, Rapidstar's best friend
    8. Protection = Troutkit, a kit he watched die from the sickness
    9. Honesty = Pebblepaw, his sister who died as an apprentice

    Secret Password: Haha, no it's not that easy. ^-^

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