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    Blazepaw's Bio


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    Blazepaw's Bio Empty Blazepaw's Bio

    Post by Rapidstar on Mon Mar 17, 2014 6:56 pm

    { Blazepaw }

    { ShadowClan Apprentice }

    Blazepaw's Bio Blazepaw_zps28868840

    Human behind the cat: Patrick
    Character: Blazepaw
    Nickname: Blaze
    Age: 10 moons (months)
    Gender: Male
    Rank: kit>Apprentice
    Species: American medium-hair

    Blazepaw is small, as he is still growing. He is only 8 inches long. He only weighs about 6 pounds. He is an orange tabby tom with small claws. His tail is longer than a normal cat, already 6 inches long itself, bringing him nose-tip to tail-tip 16 inches long.

    His personality is very playful and excitable. He is happy and curious, and it gets him into trouble sometimes.

    OOC: gonna finish this later.... *goes to play with Ripplesong*

    Blazepaw's Bio Rapidstar_zps76d68d90
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