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    Oakmist's Description


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    Oakmist's Description Empty Oakmist's Description

    Post by Oakmist on Fri Mar 21, 2014 11:31 pm

    ROLEPLAYER: Selena
    CHARACTER: Oakmist
    AGE: 7yrs
    GENDER: I'm a girl, but Oakmist is male.
    RANK: Deputy
    SPECIES: Somali

    HEIGHT: 13 inches
    WEIGHT: 10 lbs.
    EYE COLOUR: Oakmist has light yellow eyes that look almost green and lightly fade to brown in the center.
    PELT: Oakmist is a light brown tom, bordering on red. His paws, tail tip, ears and spine fade into a darker shade of brown.
    SCARS/INJURIES: None yet.

    PERSONALITY: Oakmist is incredibly loyal and will often put his friends and clan before his own needs. Although he tries to be collected at most times, he does enjoy a good life and is incredibly kind to his clanmates. Oakmist is quick to anger, but his anger only adds a sting to his words.

    -Explaining things
    -Thinking things out
    -Good defense

    -Needs to work on offense
    -Not very good with empathy
    -Sometimes socially awkward


    -Too great height

    NON-PREFERRED PREY: Any bird kind

    APPRENTICES: Had one in the past, Nightpaw (current)

    CRUSH: None yet.
    MATE: None yet.
    DESCENDANTS: None ever.

    MOTHER: Goldenstream
    FATHER: Bramblescar
    SIBLINGS: Coppertail, Moonstrike, and Jasperwing->Venom (rogue)

    Oakmist was born - and raised - in RiverClan. He lived the normal life of a RiverClan cat and followed the Code without question. When he was an apprentice, his mentor was the deputy and he was always in awe of how collected he was under pressure. Oakmist worked to be that cat; a calm, strong, and powerful tom.

    WHERE YOU FOUND US: Serenity River Pack (wolf RP)

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    Oakmist's Description Empty Re: Oakmist's Description

    Post by Fallenstar on Fri Mar 21, 2014 11:37 pm

    OK, just a few things... Make sure to ask Jay like I said if you can use her template, and mention in there that it isn't your template. Then, the history needs to be a tad more in-depth. Perhaps add a story about how Jasper became a rogue, or explain a story about WHY Oakmist is the way he is. Also, though I know what you want, please put in what rank you are and what Clan you are. Thank you!

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