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    Echostars bio


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    Echostars bio Empty Echostars bio

    Post by Echostar on Tue Mar 25, 2014 2:25 pm

    clan: windclan

    rank: leader

    Species: tabby/bengal mix

    appearance: she is a medium sized taby looking feline , she is a tabby bengal mix who looks like a black striped grey tabby but has the heart and spirit of a bengal. She has green brown eyes with a tint of red. :)nothing more.

    personality: three words to describe her would be fierce, quick, and clever. But she has two sides. A dark side which you will see if you are not careful, but you will always see her light side if you are careful. she is kind generous and intelligent, she is also a great fighter and hasn't lost one of her 9 lives. She clings to her past but at times she lets it go. she hates to see cats fight (in clans) each other. She wishes windclan to be known for its strength as no one has ever noticed its strength.

    history:She was born from a wild mother, but a kittypet father, who ran away before he went to the cutter. No one knows she is half kittypet though. She has concealed this all her life. Her mother was originally from Thunderclan but ran away. They had to abandon her when she was a kit, she does not know she has a sister in Thunderclan (younger) who knows about Echostars origins. She was an apprentice of Snowstar. She still does not know anything but where her parents came from not even their names.
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    Post by Rapidstar on Tue Mar 25, 2014 2:48 pm

    thank you! Very Happy

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