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    Sign-Up Form Empty Sign-Up Form

    Post by Rapidstar on Wed Mar 12, 2014 1:40 pm

    So this is the Sign-up Form. Please copy and past into your Biography and fill it out. Thanks! The * means it is required.



    *Rank: (Allowed ranks are: Warrior, Queens, Apprentices, and Kits *limited number*)

    *Clan: *you can find a description of each Clan in the guides form* **StarClan members can only be members who have been on for a while, special request to admins**

    *Appearance: (Must be realistic; blue fur is acceptable as long as it is blue-grey;
    at least 50 words)

    *Personality: (at least 100 words)

    *History: (Must be 150 words; must have been part of Clan whole life unless you have asked permission from an Admin)

    *Secret password found in Rules of RP:

    If you need a list of cat breeds; most of these are accepted:
    List of Cat Breeds

    Also! If you need a word counter site to help with the minimum word count: here is a link! Word Counter

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