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    [ MoonSong ] "I am the only one who can help."


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    [ MoonSong ] "I am the only one who can help." Empty [ MoonSong ] "I am the only one who can help."

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    [ MoonSong ]
    [Medicine Cat ]
    ["The health remains my duty."]
    [ MoonSong ] "I am the only one who can help." Siberian_Cat__Sasha_no__1_by_Mischi3vo
    *Name: MoonSong

    *Species: Siberian Cat

    *Rank: Medicine Cat

    *Appearance: Moonsong is a sleek, pelted cat. She has a distinct stripe pattern on her pelt. The base coat is greyish blue while the stripes are a dark grey. Her eyes are a dark hazel coloring. She does have a long pelt that is made for swimming and going through brush.

    Hostile -- This cat may be a medicine cat, but she has a temper. She tends to be hostile toward strangers or other clans more than her clanmates. They rarely see her in the most extreme stage of her hostility.

    Noble -- This cat is noble for her actions and words. She may be hostile, but she is very alert and hops into action without even concluding on the consequences.

    Modest -- This cat prefers to maintain a modest image of herself. This gives her high respects with many of the leaders of the clans.

    *History: TBA

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