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    The Rank System


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    The Rank System Empty The Rank System

    Post by Fallenstar on Sat Mar 15, 2014 1:57 pm

    These are the Ranks of the Warrior Clans.

    Kits- Kits are cats that are less than six moons old. Kits open their eyes and ears about ten days to two weeks after birth. They also begin babbling/talking around two weeks to three weeks. There are about four weeks in a moon (month). Kits are curious, playful, and are always getting into trouble. They are always excited to reach six moons and become Apprentices of the Clan. Kits have the suffix in their names of 'kit.' (Ex. Fallenkit, Fallenstar wasn't born with the name Fallenstar)

    Apprentices- Apprentices are cats over six moons old who have not earned their warrior name. Apprentices usually don't earn their warrior name until they've been an apprentice for at least two seasons. There are three moons in a season, so six seasons total. By the time a cat is a warrior, they are about one and a half years old; fully-grown. Apprentices have what is known as a Mentor -one specific warrior who teaches them how to hunt, fight, and take care of the Clan. Apprentices have the suffix of 'paw' in their name. (Ex. Fallenpaw)

    Warriors- Warriors are cats who are generally two and a half seasons old and older, who have earned their warrior name. Warriors hunt for the Clan, patrol the borders of the Clan's territory, and fight for the Clan when needed. Warriors make up the bulk of the Clan and their personalities range far and wide. Warriors don't have a special suffix to their name; they have a suffix that when added to the prefix of their name, describes them in some way. (Ex. Fallenstripe -Fallen because she fell on her mother's head as a kit, and stripe because she is striped.)

    Queens- Queens are she-cats with kits or expecting kits. Queens have warrior training, and generally leave the Nursery once all of their kits are apprentices. Some queens, once they've had their first kitting, decide that they prefer taking care of and raising kits more than being a warrior and so decide to take up full residence in the Nursery, and help new mothers with their kits and with the kittings themselves.

    Elders- Elders are generally old cats - cats with over twelve years of service behind them, or younger warriors with crippling injuries such as blindness, badly broken legs, and deafness. Despite their handicaps, Elders generally have much wisdom to share with the Clan and remember stories from long ago. The Clan rewards them for their many seasons of service by taking care of them and respecting them. Apprentices are given the task of cleaning the Elder's Den, sometimes for punishment for some wrongdoing. Despite this punishment, some of the Apprentices -often the younger ones- like going and listening to the Elder's stories.

    Special Ranks

    Medicine Cats- Medicine cats are cats who receive special training in herbs and healing. Medicine cats don't do much fighting -though they do learn some battle moves so that they can protect themselves. They are not just healers, but the Spiritual Leaders of the Clans. They are the Clans' connections to StarClan, the Clan of their warrior ancestors. The boundaries that separate the four Clans do not matter to Medicine Cats -they heal all cats equally. No Clan cat in their right mind would ever attack a Medicine Cat, either, because they are connected very closely with StarClan, and all cats fear and respect the powers that StarClan have.

    Deputies- Deputies are the cats who are next-in-line to be Leaders. They handle the every-day business of the Clan. They organize the patrols; hunting and border patrols, and they are generally a senior warrior -a warrior who has a lot of experience. As it says in the Warrior Code, Deputies must have had at least one apprentice before they can be a deputy, so that they can learn how to make decisions that affect more than just themselves, and learn to be able to give orders to their clanmates.

    Leaders- This rank is pretty self-explanatory, but I'll explain anyway. Leaders are the ones who make the important decisions in a Clan. They decide whether to attack other Clans when the other Clans have offended their Clan. They decide the names of new Warriors, and decide who is the deputy. They also lead their Clan into battle when the occasion calls for it. They also decide and share what to say about their Clan at the Gathering.

    I think that is IT!!!! :DIf you've read the series and think I'm missing something, let me know! Thank you!

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