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    Nightgaze's Details


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    Nightgaze's Details Empty Nightgaze's Details

    Post by Nightgaze on Sat Mar 22, 2014 3:41 am

    Nightgaze's Details Untitl10

    *Name: Nightgaze (Nightpaw for now)

    *Species: Egyptian Mau

    *Rank: Apprentice

    *Clan: Riverclan

    *Appearance: -looks at himself- Well I am a silver/white color on my fur with black spots all on my sides. I have stripes on my face,neck, elbows and tail with a long stripe that reaches from the back of my head and down my back to my tail and down its length. I am 9  pounds and I'm 11 inches tall from my head to my feet. My front legs are shorter then my back legs and that makes me be able to run faster then most other cats, I also am a good hunter and used to be used to hunt with humans. My forehead has an M made of black markings and the last part is my green eyes, they are a bit darker then regular Mau's.

    *Personality: I am a kind and helpful to others as well as holding my own in a fight, but I have been known to loose. I am a bit proud and arrogant at times, sometime it getting me into trouble but I respect my leader. I am a bit awkward around the lady cats and have been since I was smaller and an apprentice. After a bit of talking and being around lady cats I get used to them and am not so awkward, I become confident and caring toward them and even have been a shoulder or an ear to woes and upsets. My biggest fear is to leave a mate without protection and if we have kits to leave them without a father. My weaknesses are a bunch and you may get to see them soon.

    *History:I was born to a pair of show cats with a litter size of four, and as I was the only male in the litter I was a prized possession or so I thought. My humans were nice to me up until I was old enough to leave my mom and then they sold me to a woman. This woman took me home and showed me a box to do business in, two paper plates with nasty food on them, a dirty water dish and a old sleeping cushion. I was a kitten at the time and I looked at this woman, she wasn't very clean in her body or anything and once she had put me down, she walked away. Well I did my business outside the box, which rewarded me with a slap on the rump that stung so bad, then I was shown the ugly food. It smelled worse then what my parents had been fed and what I had been weened on. It also was a bit moldy. Well I must have been quite unreasonable because she slapped me a bunch, everywhere. When I turned 1, my body had been through so much that it hurt to be picked up or even petted which I saw less of the petting as time went on. I ate whatever I could find in the house, which was a bit dirty, and tried not to get caught for fear of being hit. One day I decided I had had enough and when my "Owner" came in one day from shopping, I rushed out and ran for my life. I hurt so bad when I stopped finally at a river in the forests outside the houses I once lived, I cried myself to sleep that night and the next few nights as I traveled. I didn't understand why she hated me so much, I was a good kittypet, I purred when petted.

    It was a month later when I arrived in Riverclan and met the other cats, that opened my world up to so much! Though I am a bit stronger, I still hurt from the abuse that woman gave me. Now that is where I have my friends and family at is here in Riverclan. I will never go back to being a kittypet. Ever.
    *Secret password found in Rules of RP: ~Edited by Admin~ *Still soooo funny*

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    Nightgaze's Details Empty Re: Nightgaze's Details

    Post by Fallenstar on Sat Mar 22, 2014 10:48 am

    ~Accepted~ Now... Go to the RiverClan/ShadowClan border and wait for Rapidstar to show up there -he will soon, I'll make him ^_^ -and be accepted into the Clan. Normally you can just start RPing as if you've been accepted into the Clan, but since you were a kittypet and this is the start of the plot line, I'd like there to be a record of the first meeting and whatnot... cause who knows what will happen? *looks around shiftily* ^_^ Thank you! Very Happy

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