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    [ Jaystar ] Who is that cat?


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    [ Jaystar ] Who is that cat? Empty [ Jaystar ] Who is that cat?

    Post by Jaystar on Tue Mar 18, 2014 11:36 pm

    [ Jaystar ]
    [ Airiana]

    [ Jaystar ] Who is that cat? El5hjc

    "Wolves have given me a voice. Now, it is my turn to give them one."

    Woah there. Looks like another fancy Jay biography. No, well yes. This one is a special one because as an admin, I feel you guys should get to know me behind Jaystar. Jaystar is similar to me in a way, but she is Jaystar, and I am Airiana! So, I feel obligated to do this. Please care to ask questions and read through this. Once you see behind the @, most of you will understand me.

    The Basics
    Name: Airiana
    Pronounciation: Air-e-ah-na
    Characters: Jaystar, Moonsong, SilentClaw
    How did I end up here: from Serenity River Pack
    Age: 17 years old
    Gender: 100% female
    Location: Suburbs of Missouri, US

    Outer Basics
    Height: 5' 3"
    Weight: 115 lbs.
    Eye Color: Brown
    Hair Color: Brown, though coloured with a red recently
    Body Type: smallish

    Inner Basics
    Personality: I am a very intelligent, sincere person with a high-strung personality. I am known for having a high tolerance for people, but known for having a short-temper. I enjoy having great morals and try to remain modest. My loyalty is my strongest suite. Though, with my black-belt experience, I am usually laid-back and reliable. But, I tend to have trust issues and a jealousy problem.
    - Writing
    - Drawing
    - Listening to others
    - Being loyal
    - Giving advice
    - Concentrating
    - Motivation
    - Trusting others
    - Slow, only a short sprinter
    - Jealousy
    - Loving too much
    - Chewing on my nails
    - Chewing on anything, like straws and pencils
    -Tapping my feet

    Moral Basics
    - To become the most loyal person ever
    - To be a very well-rounded student
    - To become a great advocate for others
    - To become an advocate for animal
    - To work for Google as IT
    - Black Belt in Karate
    - Managing a site for 3 years!
    - National Honors Society
    Views on Life: My views is that I should try to be very modest and be there for anyone. I must remain loyal despite what one does to me.
    Pet Peeves:
    - Noobs >=U
    - Trash-talking others
    - Complaining about their lives

    Online Basics:
    Beginning of Roleplay Career: I began this career when I was 12 as a newbie on WolfQuest. My main character, Jay, was very noobish and she was so perfect at the time. I used her quite often, but she helped me develop my current writing style/
    Characters: Jay, Jaystar, Toka, Tybalt, Noatok
    Located: Many RPG and art sites~
    Common Nicknames: Jay, ShadesOfJay, SplashOfBlueJay, SplashOfDevotion, JayMist
    Common Titles/Ranks: Healer, Scout, Alpha, and Administrator

    Offline Basics:
    Job: IT at a Biomeds Place o.o Its a weird job.. I also do office work
    Future Career: Graphic Design and Internet Security
    Hobbies: drawing, writing, secretly singing
    Talents: Writing, Coding, Martial Arts
    Academics: Straight A student with honors
    Extra-Curricular: Karate and Color Guard!

    Contact Me:
    DeviantArt: ShadesOfJay
    SRP: Jay
    Tumblr: RhapsodicHeart
    Skype: SplashOfDevotion
    Kik: SplashOfBlueJay

    Random Facts?
    My cat saved my life as a kid by alerting my mom I stopped breathing.
    I am currently dating my 11th boyfriend, Aaron. <3
    I write songs, and rarely sing them.

    I have been told that I saved people's life.
    I am NOT a OCD person, despite what I say.
    I question authority a lot.
    I have never been in a fight.
    I have been known for being suicidal.

    Have a nice day~ [/center]

    [ Jaystar ] Who is that cat? Jaystar_signature_by_shadesofjay-d7abn03

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