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    Post by Fallenstar on Wed Mar 19, 2014 6:33 am

    ~Heeeeeyyyyyy! It's Fallenstar here~

    Sooooooo.... You may know me as grumpy ole' mean Fallenstar with an arrogance and attitude problem, and strict Admin O_o -or not so much.... ^_^ Time for you to get to know MEEEEE

    Soooooo My real name is Haley. I was born on the 20th of March in 1996, the First Day of Spring and the Spring Equinox. I also have a Twin brother -you all know him as Rapidstar O_o or Patrick, some people. He is as annoying as all heck, so don't let his smiles and charm fool you all.

    I am HAPPY to consider myself bisexual, so if you have a problem with that, get outta here 'cause this is MY site. I have a girlfriend named Jammie who may or may not find her way on here sooner or later *shifty eyes* But don't worry, we keep everything PG around you folks! ^_^

    Anyway..... more about mmmeeeeee I guess.

    My favorite color: oh gee don't get me started.... my favorite NON-COLOR is Black. ^_^ Black happens to be the absence of color, white is the combination of all colors. Well -ok... short physics lesson! LIGHT and PIGMENT are different. Light is what we see. Black-colored clothing is black because the material absorbs all the light. White-colored materials are white because they absorb NONE of the light, but reflect it back at our eyes. Therefore, Black is the absence of any color and white is the combination of all colors. END physics lesson. ^_^ sorry, had to rant about it.... I'm physics-y

    Ummmm I'm a very complicated person, as you can see. My favorite color turned into a short physics lesson. I am also very random... And if you'll believe my best friend, we are both crazy... in our own unique ways.

    And I'll tell you a secret -i'm doing this bio of me when I'm supposed to be finishing English Composition homework. O_o

    Anyways..... what else can I tell you about me? Oh yes -I LOVE CATS and WOLVES... they are awesome.... but I would NEVER EVER have either as a pet.... I'm bad at pets. I want a rat, that I can keep in its cage when I'm not holding it, feed it once or twice a day, and easily empty out its droppings in the trash can. NOT going around picking up after a dog. *shudders* I've had enough of that to last me a life time.

    I like to draw and read books. I am also a writer in my spare time -why then, am I putting off my EC homework, you ask? Two words that strike dread in any high school or college student's hearts: RESEARCH PAPER.... Dun.... DUn..... DUUUUUNNNNNNNN........ ^-^
    Anyway, got off topic again... I have already written a book-length story... sadly it was fanfiction and thus I'll never get monies off of it but.... oh well. *Shrugs* I did it for fun.

    I love rocks and shiny things. I am easily distracted -thus why I am on here instead of my homework. I want to be a scientist -more specifically, a geologist. And yes, for all those out there like Sheldon -Geology IS a REAL SCIENCE! *grumbles* So we play around with rocks, big deal.......

    Anyway! Hmmm what else random and crazy can I tell you about me? hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    *Sorry I wrote this when I was very tired and exhausted. I was rambling... will go back and fix later....*

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