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    Fallenstar's Biography


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    Fallenstar's Biography Empty Fallenstar's Biography

    Post by Fallenstar on Thu Mar 13, 2014 1:48 am


    [ShadowClan Leader]

    "Leave nothing less than something that says: 'I was here.'"

    Fallenstar's Biography 1-53

    Human behind the cat: Haley
    Character: Fallenstar
    Nickname: Fallen or Falls
    Age: 24 seasons (4 seasons to a year so six years)
    Rank: kit>Apprentice>Warrior>deputy>Leader
    Species: American Shorthair

    Height: fifteen inches high
    Weight: thirteen pounds
    Length (nose tip to tail tip): 13 inches long

    Appearance: Fallenstar is a brown tabby she-cat with black stripes covering her entire body. Her chest, paws, and snout are all covered with white fur. She has light amber eyes, and her claws are always out, long, sharp, and ready for battle. Her tail is covered with black ringlets so close together the tail looks almost completely black.

    Old and New Wounds: Fallenstar has an old scar that isn't very visible, as it is completely covered by fur along her left flank. Her left ear is also notched from a fight when she was younger, but she can't remember when she got it.


    Fallenstar is the perfect leader of ShadowClan -suspicious, ready for battle, extremely loyal to her Clan. To other Clans, these traits and more that she possess may not be seen as good in a leader, but for ShadowClan, she is the best fit.

    Suspicious: Fallenstar is suspicious of everyone's motives -especially other Clans. The dispute ShadowClan recently had with ThunderClan has only deepened this natural suspicion.

    Loyal: Fallenstar is loyal almost to a fault. She believes ShadowClan is the best Clan in the forest and that it always has been and always will be. She believes that whatever the previous ShadowClan leaders have done, it can't be wrong because it was ShadowClan, after all. She will lay down each and every one of her nine lives for her Clan.

    Short-Tempered: Fallenstar has a short temper; she is very easily aggravated and irritated.

    Pride: Fallenstar is very prideful -it comes from thinking that she is the best warrior ShadowClan has. This pride will make it hard for her to accept any outside help.
    Fallenstar's Biography Feel_lucky_black_cat_poker_chip_set-r42c72397c54e4ed7ba3b59b210636b12_i3zyw_8byvr_512

    Negative: She has little use for emotions beyond pride, anger, and courage. This attitude has only deepened with the loss of most of her Clan in the sickness. She has had to suppress her grief and sorrow for the good of the Clan, but who knows when it will come out?


    Mother: Robinflight
    Father: Maplefur
    Siblings: Dawnpaw (deceased), Flamefur (deceased), Poppystripe (queen of ShadowClan)

    Fallenstar was born as Stripekit, but then when she was only two moons old, she had climbed one of the trees by the nursery, and when her mother, Robinflight, came out of the den, had fallen on her head. It had struck a chord with Robinflight, and she changed Stripekit's name to Fallenkit.

    Greyclaw became Fallenpaw's mentor when she was six moons old, and he became a valued adviser of hers throughout his life. They were very close, as they had similar personalities. Greyclaw watched proudly when Fallenpaw became Fallenstripe after a successful battle against ThunderClan.

    Fallenstripe was a new warrior when Jaykit, Nightstar's daugher, was presumed stolen by ThunderClan. As a kit, Jaykit had been stolen by twolegs -though ShadowClan had not known that, and had accused ThunderClan of stealing her. Then Jaystream had appeared as a warrior/medicine cat after leaving the twolegs. ShadowClan had been furious -their suspicions had been proven correct, they thought. So they ambushed Thornstar, ThunderClan's previous leader, and ThunderClan killed Nightstar in return.

    Fallenstar was only deputy of ShadowClan for three moons before the sickness struck, when the previous deputy became Darkstar when Nightstar died. Darkstar had gotten his nine lives and named Fallenstripe as his deputy. But only a few days after he had recieved his nine lives, the sickness had struck, and had claimed each and every one of his lives, one after another. He lasted until the very last days of the sickness before finally succumbing, leaving Fallenstripe to become Fallenstar. Fallenstar had to watch many of her beloved clanmates die in the sickness, unable to do anything but try to force them to eat and drink to keep up their strength. This has really worn on her soul, and she struggles because of this horrific past.

    The Nine Lives:

    I give you strength, to keep ShadowClan strong and to protect your beliefs with all that you have. Nightstar bent his head and touched Fallenstripe's nose.

    I give you cunning, that you might outsmart your enemies and be two steps ahead of anyone trying to get one over on you. Pinefur, a StarClan warrior, reached out with his tail to touch her nose.

    I give you stealth, that you might creep through the shadows and not be seen. Use it to teach the new ShadowClan our ways. Maplefur, her father, licked Fallenstripes ears.

    I give you speed, that you may outrun any who wish to harm you, Dawnpaw, her sister who had died in the battle that earned Fallenstripe her warrior name, touched her nose with Fallenstripe's.

    I give you endurance, that you may survive and never give up on life or hope, It was Darkstar, the leader she had watched die from sickness nine times over again. He didn't look sick at all -his fur was sleek and glossy and his eyes were bright and peaceful as he touched her nose with his'.

    I give you love, that you may understand the strength of a mother's love for her kits and her desire to protect them. Use this to protect your Clan like a mother protects her kits. Her mother, Robinflight, nuzzled Fallenstripe. This life was the most painful one yet -Fallenstripe had never thought love could hurt and burn so strongly.

    I give you honor, that you may respect yourself and your clanmates, and hold yourself to high standards. Use it to guide your Clan when you make decisions. A StarClan warrior named Oakheart came forward and touched her nose quickly.

    With this life, I give you courage, that you may never feel fear too terrifying for you to handle. Use it wisely in battle. A scarred StarClan warrior who was starting to fade -Fallenstripe could see the others through him, just barely.

    The last to come forward was her mentor, Greyclaw. He looked at her warmly, and Fallenstripe had to hold back tears. With this life, I give you humility. Remember to temper that pride of yours with this, and you will become the greatest leader ShadowClan has known since Shadow herself, he said, and touched her nose.

    When Greyclaw had returned to the group of nine StarClan cats around her, Fallenstripe stood shivering. A wind came through the hollow, and all of StarClan whispered her new name: Fallenstar! Fallenstar! Fallenstar!


    Theme Song: "I Was Here" By Lady Antebellum

    *This awesome template came from Jaystar*
    **I also used some of Jaystar's history in mine so that they matched**

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